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Grab that go-cup and let’s party*

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Get the Party Started. Frozen cocktails, great music and Good Vibes

Two people partying in a club with purple lighting

Hang on to your
go-cup and drop
by for discount

Our products
Pink frozen drink in cup with lid and handle
Very colourful frozen drink in tall cup
Bright orange drink in crazy tall cup
Colourful frozen drink in tall flared cup
Blue reusable plastic cup labelled Fat Tuesday

Unique Souvenir Cups. Take the
party home
with you.

With our souvenir cups, Fat Tuesday is with you whenever you go!

Welcome to the home of the 190 Octane®

Feeling thiiiiiiirsty?

Discover our frozen cocktail flavors that will get you craving.

Our Products

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#FatTuesdays. One cup, many memories